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Driving license



Would you like to get your driver's license on the first try?

The B permit can be obtained from the age of 18, (although the theoretical exam can be taken three months before reaching the age and the practices can be started before being 18 years old and even before passing the theoretical exam.)

This license allows you to drive cars up to 3500 kg and up to 9 seats, and allows you to tow trailers up to 750 kg. (It also allows you to drive mopeds and when you are 3 years old, motorcycles authorized to drive with the A1 permit, only in Spain).

To obtain this permit you must pass 2 exams, one theoretical and one practical.


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Cars whose maximum authorized mass (MMA) does not exceed 3,500 kg, designed and built for the transport of a maximum of 8 people in addition to the driver (in total 9 people), which includes cars, vans and trucks that meet these parameters.



Enables the driving of vehicles with an AM driving license, that is, mopeds with a displacement engine of less than 50 cm³ or with an electric motor, provided that the vehicle has a speed limited to 45 km/h.

Motos hasta 125cc

Motorcycles up to 125cc

Those motorcycles that have a maximum displacement of 125 cc, with a maximum power of 11 kW (about 15 CV) and do not present a power/mass ratio greater than 0.1 kW/kg, all linked to the fact that the holder of the license B is at least 3 years old since it was granted and exclusively in Spanish territory.


Motor trikes

As long as two of the three wheels are on the same axis. There are no displacement or power limitations, the only condition is that the manufacturer has approved the tricycle as a three-wheeled vehicle and not as a three-wheeled motorcycle. The difference is that the three-wheeled vehicle has a special approval and must have a parking brake, a minimum track width and some details in the lighting system and other areas.

Cuadriciclos y Quads

Quadricycles and Quads

All microcars and vehicles that have been approved as quadricycles can be driven with the B license. This includes the two categories of light quadricycle (maximum weight of 350 kg and maximum power of 4kW) and the normal quadricycle that can weigh up to 550 kg. maximum and power up to 15 kW (20 CV).

Four-wheeled buggy-type vehicles of more than 15 kW carry tourism approval. Any vehicle approved as a quad or ATV, whether leisure or agricultural and regardless of displacement or power

Remolques Ligeros

Light Trailers

You can drive a vehicle up to 3500kg with a trailer that does not exceed 750kg. That is to say, that the set of both does not exceed 4250kg.

You can drive a vehicle up to 3500kg with a trailer that exceeds 750kg as long as the combination of both does not exceed 3500kg.

Vehículos Especiales NO agrícolas

Non-agricultural Special Vehicles

Vehicles that do not exceed a maximum speed of 40 km/h and whose MMA does not exceed 3,500 kg can be driven with a class B driving license. In the case of exceeding any of these parameters, it will be necessary to have the driving license that corresponds to the MMA of the vehicle (class C1 or C permits).

Vehículos Especiales Agrícolas

Special Agricultural Vehicles

The class B driving license authorizes the driving of all types of special self-propelled agricultural vehicles as well as sets of special agricultural vehicles (tractors, combines, including trailers and towed machines).


The class B driving license authorizes you to drive the following vehicles:


a) Automobiles whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3,500 kg that are designed and built to transport no more than eight passengers in addition to the driver. Said automobiles may be attached to a trailer whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 750 kg.


b) Sets of coupled vehicles made up of a towing vehicle authorized to drive by the class B permit and a trailer whose maximum authorized mass exceeds 750 kg, provided that the maximum authorized mass of the set does not exceed 4,250 kg, without prejudice to the provisions established by the type approval standards for these vehicles.


c) Motor tricycles and quadricycles.

The minimum age to obtain it will be 18 years old. However, until the age of twenty-one will not be authorized to drive motor tricycles whose maximum power exceeds 15 kW.

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